S.-Freeman3-263x300Hi Flight Press published Sabina’s book, Cloud Busters, in 2009.  Next to be published was the second printing of Twice Around the Township, reissued in 2009.  Thomas Forster was produced for a second printing in 2010 and is now available. The Battles Story has never been out of print since first issued in 1992, and Passage to Liverpool, James Blaine Miller and the RMS Lusitania is also in print (2013).  Sabina’s focus is on local history, entwining what was happening on the national and international scene with the local scene.  In addition, she has a short booklet titled “From Griswold Field to the Erie International Airport,” which includes the visit by famed aviator Charles Lindbergh and others.  She is currently working on a biography of Dan Rice, the premier circus showman of the 19th Century.

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